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Our Tour guides, tour leaders, and an excellent team of lovers of the peruvian culture,have prepared these 10 packages , all of them have being many times tested and are continuosly controlled by our tour leaders, all these to give you all the time excellent,reliable,secure and friendly service.

Peru Hatun Allpa (14 dager / 13 netter)
Lima - Cusco - Machu Picchu - Puno - Lima - Nazca - Lima

Denne reiseruten går gjennom landets mest atraktive steder, her er arkeologiske parker, museer, veien går selvsagt gjennom Cusco, hvor vi finner spansk arkitektur ved siden av Inkaenes gater og palasser. Her er også Machu Picchu, Ollantaytambo, to av mange kjente inkaruiner. Den Peruanske geografi er full av kontraster, høyfjell, innsjøer, ørken, indianske byer og den spanske arv.  

Plan for tur for (14 dager / 13 netter).

City of Kuelap (North of Peru) (11 days - 10 nights)
Lima - Trujillo - Cajamarca - Kuelap - Chiclayo - Lima

Centuries of history covered in a tour that will take us near the most important and astonishing north eastern archeological site, from the colonial Trujillo and Chiclayo, its ruins of huge pyramids, mud towns and astonishing royal tombs to the hidden walled City of Kuelap, going through the historical, mountainous and charming Cajamarca.

Mythologic Tahuantinsuyo (12 days - 11 nights)
Lima - Arequipa - Puno - Cuzco - Lima

From the top of the impressive volcanoes of Arequipa to its deep canyons we will follow the traces of the old kingdom, inheritors of the ancient altiplano cultures. We will visit them close to the Titicaca Lake. Then we will follow the traces of the Tahuantinsuyo founders, arriving at Cusco.

The Andean Route (9 days - 8 nights)
Lima - Arequipa - Cuzco - Puno - Lima

Only during ten days, this itinerary takes us near the most remarkable attractive in the world: millenary archeological centers, alive indigenous cultures, and highly preserved colonial cities.

Main Cultures (14 days - 13 nights)
Lima - Huaraz - Puno - Cuzco - Lima

Under the astonishing scenery of the Cordillera Blanca, we will gather centuries of history, from the early times of the Peruvian Culture in Chavín to the impressiveness of the Inca monuments in Cusco and MachuPicchu, going through the mythic Titicaca Lake and the ruins of its regional kingdoms.

Peru Anthropological (18 days - 17 nights)
Lima - Arequipa - Puno - Cuzco -
Pto Maldonado - Ica- Nazca - Lima

This route submerges us into three of the country's main attractives: its archeological centers, and the mystery provided by the poor knowledge of its past, its contrasted geography of volcanoes, jungle, snowcapped mountains, the altiplano and the desert, and its indigenous communities where we will share their home.

Peru Intens ! (21 days - 20 nights)
Lima - Huaraz - Trujillo - Arequipa - Cuzco -
Puno - Ica - Paracas - Lima

Among eternal snowcapped mountains, endless desserts, impressive volcanoes, deep canyons, fertile valleys, wide altiplano plateaus, lakes, the exuberant Ceja de Selva (High Jungle) and the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean we will visit almost all pre Columbian cultures, its colorful colonial cities, as well as colorful markets, enigmatic legacies, ecological reserves and prodigious National Parks.

Peru and Bolivia (14 days - 13 nights)
Lima - Arequipa - Cuzco - Puno - La Paz - Lima

Two countries; one destiny, with a common cultural root, a variety of resources and different life styles developed in surprisingly natural environments. We will visit the most important Quechua and Aymara legacies, as well as its colonial traces. Also, we will feel all that mysticism emerging from the legendary Titicaca, sacred lake shared by both nations.

Great Peruvian Adventures (14 days - 13 nights)
Lima - Huaraz - Cuzco - Pto Maldonado - Lima - Ica - Lima

Its prodigious and abundant nature is the perfect place to mix our trekking activities and watch nature. Continuing with the traces of the old "Chasquis" or pedestrian mailers, these activities will take us to the millenary coast, highland, and jungle trails.

Mystical Peru (17 days - 16 nights)
Lima - Arequipa - Cuzco - Puno - Lima

The magic of the Pachamama (Mother Earth) and the will of Wiraccocha take us to the Andes, sacred land of energy, in search for an era of light, love and peace.

Remark: Regular departures on Saturdays; two passengers minimum.

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