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With a surface area of 1.285.216 km2, Peru is the third largest country of the continent. It is located in the equatorial strip and its bordered are on the North: by Ecuador and Colombia, on the East by Brazil and Bolivia, on the West: The Pacific Ocean and on the South by Chile. The Ecological areas are differently classified, but since these classifications are not our actual purpose, we will only mention the main ones as the traditional regions such as the Coast, the highland, and the Amazon.

It was founded in 1548 by Alfonso de Mendoza. Located at a narrow valley with a capricious and colorful topography, La Paz, also known as the “Highest Capital of the World” (3.200 m. high) A contrast city with its mixture of civilizations located in a magnificent mountain landscape, protected by the majestic snow mountain Illimani. About 50% or 60% of the population are descendants of Aymaras and Quechuas. The color and originality make La Paz a place to admire.

Galapagos is located in the South Pacific. It is considered to be one of the most prestigious national parks in the world, and of course the most important tourist attraction in the country. The area has been entitled Protected Area and World Mankind Heritage because of its unique wild beauty.
The islands are surrounded by crystalline waters with authentic marine treasures underneath. You are able to observe marine life by a scuba diving tour along with sea lions by your side.

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